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Zulu Sierra Project

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The project


The project to restore the Zulu Sierra by members of the AĆ©ro-Club de Courbevoie was born a few months after its accident, when an estimate of the cost of its repair by an approved aircraft repair company was made. The cost of the work exceeded by far the purchase price of a used DR221. We had to go to the obvious, our beautiful yellow plane was damaged beyond economical repair …

Yet it was realized that the repair of the damage of our fabulous ZS, although requiring a great number of hours of work, was not inaccessible. No major damage was to be deplored, the wing of the aircraft was intact and the damage was mainly localized in the cockpit (armature, canopy …) and in the rear part of the fuselage: vertical empennage (fin and rudder).

The alternative was then simple, we could either sell our legendary Zulu Sierra as a wreck, or undertake its restoration by a group of volunteers with various skills, helped by professionals to make this restoration in accordance with the Regulations for certified aircraft.

A small team of pilots of the club could not resolve to see the ZS perish, an estimate of the cost to make it fly again with the participation of volunteers was made, it showed that it was not out of reach for the club, if we could raise some funds from aviation enthusiasts to buy the raw material (wood, cables, glue, paint …) and to replace the engine that left the ZS fall down on one sunny day in 2015.

In the course of 2016, a list of the actions to be undertaken was established and some of them were launched. At the beginning of the year 2017, the first preliminary work carried out convinced us that we were on the right track: the restoration project of the ZS is launched!